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Trisha Fitzpatrick's Abstract Paintings
Trisha Fitzpatrick's Paintings


As a definitive introduction to Trisha Fitzpatrick's upgraded website it was decided to use the Press Release issued by "Agora Galleries" in New York, U.S.A.

We quote:

"An exuberant serenity lingers in the energy of Trisha Fitzpatrick’s paintings, hinting at peaceful meadows ablaze in sunlight, cool shady streams, and the richness of life. With an approach based in impressionistic abstraction, Fitzpatrick creates a vibrant and lively interpretation of the natural world as suggestions of landscapes emerge from within the active motion of her brush. As she builds her large scale paintings with acrylic paints, she passionately immerses herself into the joy of her medium with an explosive dance of color and texture. Fitzpatrick is an extremely flexible artist, able to adapt her style to suit the needs of her many commissions while maintaining a strong sense of herself in her works.

A native Australian, Trisha Fitzpatrick now lives on the scenic coast of New South Wales where she works in her studio and gallery on Bluey’s Beach. She was selected as a finalist in the Art Prize Challenges for the Australian Artist Magazine where her writing on art has also since been featured."

2014 has seen Trisha revising the way in which she categorises her paintings. They are now Abstract, Figurative and Landscapes, Lakes and Oceans are featured in the third category Scapes, hopefully facilitating the ease of viewing on this site.

These categories are accessed through the links above, they open in a new tab, and the same links are found on each page.

Trisha welcomes any questions regards her current selection of paintings or advice re commission requests.




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