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Over the period of twenty years that Trisha has been painting she has received many reviews, accolades and has featured in many a gallery showing as we have outlined in the page "Trisha's Story".

On the Home page we chose to quote the Press Release prior to the 2013 showing at "Agora Galleries" in New York.

To view that showing please click here..

During that same period Trisha's talents were described in Agora Galleries' Fine Art magazine, "Art is Spectrum" as such below:

Australian artist Trisha Fitzpatrick considers her superb, expressionistic acrylic compositions to be fundamentally abstract, though they also draw on precedants in Post-Impressionist landscape paintings.

Through powerful shifts in color between blues, greens and turquoises for verdant forests and radiant reds, oranges and yellows deployed in autumnal scenes and arid desert vistas, she conveys a very visceral and evocative sense of place while eschewing strict figuration.

Fitzpatrick's varied palette is echoed by similarly virtuoso alternations in application, from short, thick daubs of paint that evoke foliage or water to long, thin sinuous lines portraying the agile branches and vines of Australia's lush forests.

Through her shifting tones, textures and gestures, Fitzpatrick portrays dynamic landscapes that easily turn into purely abstract choreographies of color.

The magazine article can be viewed here....


Trisha welcomes any questions regards her current selection of paintings or advice re commission requests.



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