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Trisha Fitzpatrick began painting in 1994. Such was her ability that after two years of studying under several well-known artists in Newcastle and the Hunter District Trisha was selling her work, and has had continuing success over the span of twenty years.

2000 - 2007 - Artist In Residence - Petersons Champagne House - Pokolbin.

In 2001 Trisha became a Finalist in the "Australian Artist" Challenge No.6 category Still Life / or Floral.

April 2006 - Great Lakes Art Exhibition - "Highly Commended"

In 2008 she had her first "Solo Exhibition" at Eat@twoforty at Forster.

April 2009 - Great Lakes Art Exhibition - "Highly Commended"

Also in 2009 she had an article on "How Did You Paint That?" in the January edition of "Australian Artist" magazine.

From that, Trisha was asked to do a six page article for the "Australian Artist Magazine" entitled "Spirit of the Sea" which appeared in the February, 2010's edition.

2012 Trisha has received a "Highly Commended" Award at the Pacific Palms Art Festival.

In 2012 once again Trisha was invited to submit an eight page article for the "Australian Artist Magazine", a high recognition of her outstanding talent.

Working from her studio at Bluey's Beach she has been very prolific in selling her art work to private and corporate collections, both here and overseas.
Trisha's popularity amongst the discerning buyers within the community of Australian Art lovers has resulted in an ever increasing amount of commission work. That, and the hours in creativity within the gallery, has left little time to attend many Art Exhibitions over the past two years.

Following Trisha’s successful showing at Agora Galleries, New York, U.S.A. in 2013, she has returned to concentrate on additions to her fabulous range of paintings.

Earlier this year I was fortunate to interview Trisha in respect to her successful career, and I was able to ask her about the transitions she has been through.
"Trisha, looking through the photos of your previous art history I notice there seems to be progressions in the medium you choose to use or apply?"
"Well yes, I first started in oils working with the palette knife and brush then branched out into watercolours, pastels and acrylics, always experimenting with different mediums for colour and texture. I have continual renewal of varying techniques, so there is renewed joy from working with different mediums and new horizons to explore."
"It appears to me also that you have wavered between the various artistic categories?"
"There again my work has definately evolved over the years from Realism to Expressionism to Abstract, and at the moment I am doing a lot of Figurative work. I do have a diverse range of work but I think that really comes with my personality of wanting to explore every avenue of art, and push those boundaries every time I pick up my paint brush."
"During my brief walk through the studio I have noticed an attraction towards Abstract?"
"I love abstract because the process is so creative and original. Hopefully my passion is obvious in my work, as I am still experiencing refreshing vitality through the creation avenue of art, which is endless. As you can see, living by the sea offers me the opportunity to go out on lots of paint outs and I have found a real affinity and love of the ocean and how its ever changing mood never ceases to amaze me"

The passion and enthusiasm which exudes from Trisha is abundantly obvious in the execution of her art.

Sheridan Little.

Note from Trish:

"I live on the Mid-North Coast in the Pacific Palms Area, where a painting virtually presents itself around every corner, whether it be a seascape, landscape or figurative of people on the beach. I just love to paint nature and everything in it. This little slice of paradise is just the right place to become completely engrossed in the world of art."


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