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trisha fitzpatrick

Taking New York by storm

The ‘Out from Downunder and Beyond: Fine Art from Australia and New Zealand’ exhibition  featured at Agora last month and concluded on Friday. Trisha was plucked from relative obscurity to feature in the exhibition after organisers discovered her work online.

The exhibition material describes Trisha’s work as having “exuberant serenity, hinting at peaceful meadows ablaze in sunlight, cool shady streams, and the richness of life.” Trisha describes her work as both impressionistic and abstract.

“I am always experimenting with different techniques and styles,” Trisha said. “It challenges me all the time to jump from one technique to the other. It is about creating from my mind and interpreting with lots of paint and swirling motions until I can see something emerging from the canvas. The diverse and truly beautiful Australian countryside continues to inspire me. I love colour, texture and movement, and all of this comes through in my work.”

Agora Gallery is a fine art gallery, established in 1984 and located in the heart of New York city’s Chelsea art galleries district. It is famous for showcasing a spectacular array of talented artists from around the world and within New York, while providing quality and original art to collectors.

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